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Polyethylene laggings

Polyethylene lagging is the most popular of the currently used lagging, insulations made of foamed polyethylene have high tear resistance, good lambda coefficient, closed cell structure impermeable to water and relatively good acoustic insulation. They can be used with good effect in virtually any installation with a temperature not exceeding 80 degrees C.

Polyurethane laggings

Polyurethane laggings are laggings with the best thermal insulation, used where we need to obtain the best insulation with the smallest possible wall thickness of the cover. They come in different densities and with different coatings: aluminum, PVC and without coating. The lagging in the density above 60 kg / m3 has sufficient strength to be used as insulation for underground pipes.

Rubber lagging

Rubber sleeves are most often used in the insulation of cooling pipes, where, thanks to a closed cell structure and very good lambda, they prevent the phenomenon of water vapor condensation in the installation. They are also the most flexible of lagging, therefore they are suitable for insulating flexible cables, many of them have flame retardant additives enabling obtaining the NRO fire classification. Some specialized rubber lagging is integrated with glass, carbon, aluminum foil and AL-Clad composite coatings.

Styrofoam Lagging

Styrofoam laggings are durable and non-absorbent covers cut from expanded polystyrene and are a perfect solution for insulating large diameter pipes with cold water running underground. Due to their resistance to water, they do not require special waterproofing protection, however, they can be covered with bituminous water-based waterproofing in case of extremely unfavorable ground conditions. Cut from graphite polystyrene, they can have a very low lambda value, even from 031.

Mineral wool laggings

Mineral wool lagging is a standard solution used in the insulation of steam pipes, chimney pipes, exhaust pipes and those transmitting liquid media at high temperatures. They ensure complete fire safety thanks to the A1 flammability class, and thanks to the attractive price, they are an economically advantageous solution wherever there is no risk of damp insulation.

Foam glass lagging

Cellular glass laggings are unique covers made of foamed glass, distinguished by their complete non-flammability, very high compression resistance, resistance to water, chemicals and caustic substances, high maximum application temperature and excellent thermal insulation. Used as pipe insulation in soil or in aggressive environments.